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Beach/Bath Towel "Surf's Up"

Beach/Bath Towel "Surf's Up"

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Surf's Up Beach / Bath Towel: Catch the Wave with MaJk Turtle!

Get ready to ride the waves with our "Surf's Up Beach / Bath Towel." This fantastic towel showcases MaJk Turtle and Crabbie catching some epic waves, and it's here to elevate your beach or pool day to a whole new level of fun and comfort.

Product Highlights:

Surf's Up Adventure: Join MaJk and Crabbie as they ride the big wave. The towel brings their thrilling surf adventure to life, making it perfect for beach or poolside fun.

Ultimate Comfort: Made with a soft and plush polyester front, this towel provides a cozy surface to relax on. It's designed for ultimate comfort during your water escapades.


  • Vivid Print: Enjoy the stunning print detail that captures the excitement of the surf. The colors and graphics are vibrant and eye-catching, adding an extra dose of fun to your beach day.
  • Durable Backing: The towel features a durable white cotton loop backing that ensures it lasts through many beach adventures. It's built to withstand the sand, sun, and sea.
  • Luxurious Quality: Elevate your beach day essentials with this heavyweight beach towel. It adds a touch of luxury to your beach or bath time.
  • Polyester-Cotton Blend: The towel is crafted from a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, combining softness and durability in one fantastic package.
  • One-Sided Print: The print is beautifully detailed on one side, making it a striking and unique accessory for your beach outings.
  • Catch the Wave: Whether you're hitting the beach or relaxing by the pool, our Surf's Up Beach / Bath Towel is your perfect companion. 

Surfing a big wave has been known to have Zen effects that soothe the mind and balances your emotions, reduces stress and boosts our mood.  Curl a wave with the MaJK turtle and get in to your own Zen. Grab yours today and ride the waves in style!

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