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All-Over Print Girl's one-piece Swimsuit "Water ripple"

All-Over Print Girl's one-piece Swimsuit "Water ripple"

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Dive into a world of vibrant style with our All-Over Print Girl's One-Piece Swimsuit – where every splash becomes a canvas of playful design. This swimsuit is a celebration of color, comfort, and fun for your little water enthusiast. The all-over print adds a burst of personality, turning every poolside adventure or beach day into a fashionable affair. Crafted with attention to detail, the one-piece design ensures easy wear and a secure fit, allowing her to focus on the joy of water play. Elevate her swimwear collection with our All-Over Print Girl's One-Piece Swimsuit – where fashion meets the magic of aquatic exploration.

  • Eye-Catching All-Over Print: A playful burst of colors that turns water play into a fashionable affair.

  • One-Piece Convenience: Easy dressing for more time spent enjoying the pool or the beach.

  • Comfortable Fit: Quality fabric that ensures a secure and comfortable feel during water play.

  • Stylish and Secure: A perfect blend of fashion and function for carefree water adventures.

  • Versatile Swimwear: Ideal for pool days, beach outings, and any aquatic exploration.

  • Attention to Detail: Crafted with precision for a swimsuit that stands out in both style and quality.

  HEIGHT (inches) CHEST (inches) WAIST (inches) HIPS (inches)
2T 36 ¼ 20 ½ 20 ⅛ 20 ⅞
3T 38 ⅝ 21 ¼ 20 ⅝ 22 ¼
4T 41 22 21 ¼ 23 ⅝
5T 43 ¼ 22 ⅞ 21 ⅝ 24 ⅜
6 45 ⅝ 23 ⅝ 22 25 ¼
6X 48 24 ¾ 22 ½ 26
7 50 ⅜ 26 22 ⅞ 27 ⅛

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