About Us:

Did you know turtles have roamed the earth for millions of years? These peaceful, tranquil beings are a true testament of strength, protection and perseverance along with their turtally awesome ability to adapt and evolve in this chaotic, ever changing world. 

The turtle embodiment is based on protection, stead fastness, retreat, healing, tranquility and transformation/earth. The turtle’s shell was once thought to be the symbol of strength and used by different cultures as medicine to protect their newborns, including holding sacred medicines in the shell because of its special healing qualities. It is believed the turtle symbolizes the earth, the foundation for life, focusing on holistic health.
MaJk (M-A-G-I-C) Turtle is the embodiment of all of these positive attributes.
As the owner and creator of MaJk Turtle, my creations are derived from a place in my heart for my love of children and life experiences over the past 26 years working as a Pediatric emergency room nurse and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I created this brand with children and families in mind and wanted to explore other ways to be a part of peoples journey of healing, hope, well being and happiness.

MaJk Turtle Designs are about relatable moments that create feelings of happiness, tranquility,  good energy and inspiration.  Connecting with our valued customers through our brand, offering comfortable, cute, trendy clothing and accessories that are fun, vibrant and contagious in the emotion and passion we set fourth in our product visions.